The Way Remembering Is is a painting series exploring the themes of remembering, forgetting and attempt to restore a memory. The series is based on repetition. I am trying to restore an already vanished memory of the landscape I grew up in by repeating it over and over again. The memory, image in my mind, has turned into a generic one over the years, from personal to universal. Trees have turned into generic trees, I have forgotten how their bark felt to my fingers or looked like exactly. Without the help of photographs the accurate memory feels almost impossible to remember, even though the landscape itself was highly significant for me as a child. I have been sitting eyes closed on the floor of my studio, remembering and painting. In the end the landscape takes almost a stage-like form, where the rest of the vague memories are played again, in the mind’s eye. The series is my attempt to paint visible the process of memory and forgetting. In the end it comes back to the act of painting, the gestures of adding and removing paint as our psychology and brain does with our memories, and how the act of painting communicates with my attempt to restore the image. The series continues the aspect of my paintings: interest in the border area between the inner world and the outside.
Painting from memory is strongly connected to a try to restore. The processes of remembering and forgetting are essential aspects of human. They both build the identity and psychological landscape.