The center is the studio. The play and playing. Intuition, intention, materials. Taking things apart and putting them together, with a different logic. How does it feel, how does it look, what is it. The small objects on top, behind, together with paintings, errors of the easel painting. Something that will not be still or behave. The artificial fabrics, flawless in their appearance, accompanied by uneven cut line, somebody did that. What is the role of the painting inside the plastic; a body, something hidden, concealed. Painting in a blanket, two shades of black. Spaces are formed; inwards, outwards, a pocket inside the painting object itself. The working process suggests the movements, what to do next. One work gives impulse for the next one. Aspect of my working process is the tension between control and letting go of control. The process itself holds meanings; there would not be anything without the working process itself. What is before and after words.